Ed Warner

Veteran Journalist

Time Magazine (1976-1980)


April 18
Essay: The Perils of Rising Protectionism

May 30
Book Review: American Hunger by Richard Wright

July 11
Cover Story: The Youth Crime Plague
Recognition: Letter from the Publisher

July 18
Book Review: The Totalitarian Temptation by Jean-Francois Revel

October 31
Essay: That Troublesome Panama Canal Treaty


January 23
Obituary: Death of an American Original (Hubert Humphrey)

April 17
Essay: Mythologizing the Panama Canal

June 26
Book Review: A Time for Truth by William SimonTwo Cheers for Capitalism by Irving Kristol

July 10
Cover Story: Bakke Wins, Quotas Lose

December 18
Book Review: A Dangerous Place by Daniel Patrick Moynihan


February 5
Obituary: The Champ Who Never Made It (Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller)

February 19
Book Review: History without a Hero by Curtis Cate

April 9
Book Review: The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt by Edmund Morris

April 30
Essay: Strengthening the CIA
Recognition: National Intelligence Study Center

October 15
Book Review: Zebra by Clark Howard Merek

October 29
Book Review: Breaking Ranks by Norman Podhoretz

November 12
Book Review: The Man who Kept the Secrets by Thomas Powers Knopf


February 18
Essay: The Troubling Ethics of Abscam

May 19
Book Review: Wilderness of Mirrors by David C. Martin

July 21
Cover Story: Reagan Takes Command

August 25
Essay: Drawing the Battle Lines
Essay: Marketable Baskets of Issues

September 1
Essay: Dueling over Defense

October 6
Essay: War, Peace and Politics

October 13
Cover Story: The Jackpot States

October 20
Essay: Point Man Harold Brown

October 27
Essay: The Great Defense War

November 3
Essay: Another Contrary Congress

November 17
Essay: Draft Picks for the New Team

December 8
Essay: New Resolve by the New Right

December 29
Essay: Reagan Sticks with Haig


"Master of Narrative"

~Ted Lipien

This website contains the collected works, recent articles and continuing blog posts from veteran journalist Ed Warner who has been reporting for more than 55 years. Ed wrote for Time Magazine from 1958-1982 and wrote, edited and reported for the Voice of America from 1983-2005. He continues to freelance today and his articles have appeared in The American Conservative and on AntiWar.com and other news websites. More...

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