The Trump Show

Donald Trump says bad Mexicans are crossing the border, but he fails to mention the really bad ones who are staying behind and are indeed responsible for many, maybe most of those who are crossing; namely, the drug cartels, unmentionables in our media where Trump no doubt gets his misinformation.

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Drug Cartels and an Absent Media

Even by drug cartel standards, the eruption of violence south of the Arizona border was unprecedented. For a few days in May, dozens of people were killed or missing in the state of Sonora, hundreds fled their homes, and the mayor of near paralyzed Sonoyta would not give any interviews because his life was threatened if he did. Once again, the cartels were fighting over lucrative drug routes to the US and, frankly, just for the hell of it. Let the bullets land where they may. And there was no stopping them until they tired of it.

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