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Did we have to go to war in Afghanistan?

Though the Afghan war has now lasted over fourteen years, it’s still unclear why we are fighting it. Absent are the ringing appeals for freedom and democracy. The outlook is more subdued. The late Richard Holbrooke, deeply involved in our policy – such as it was – had a vague notion of success: “We will […]

Afghanistan Struggles to Shake Off Foreign Influences and Rebuild National Unity

Although the Taleban are removed from power, they continue to fight the government that replaced them. They are abetted by Pakistani sympathizers, and other foreign countries also complicate life for Afghans and undermine their efforts to achieve a viable peace. In the last of a three-part series, VOA’s Ed Warner describes the outside pressures on […]

America Needs a Development Plan for Afghanistan Today

ON A RECENT TRIP to Afghanistan, many Afghans asked me: “What’s the American plan for us?” I said I didn’t know and I didn’t know anyone who knows. There’s remarkably little discussion of Afghanistan, and that includes among American presidential candidates, who rarely mention the subject. It is almost as if Afghanistan were an afterthought, […]

Struggling Afghanistan

A 3 Part Series, All Contained Here Early reporting on the Taliban for the Voice of America   PART I INTRO:  With the departure of the Taleban, Afghanistan is transformed. Freedom is on display in all kinds of ways. Yet there is an underlying fear it may not last because of the continuing warfare, factional […]

Charlie Wilson: The Man Who Won the Afghan War

Seldom is one individual so closely identified with an epic event, but that is the case with Charlie Wilson and the Afghan victory over the Soviets. As a rather obscure member of the U.S. Congress, he skillfully maneuvered against daunting opposition to put the United States fully behind the Afghan resistance. And yet as a […]

The Taliban Are Gone, But Influence Lingers

With the fall of the Taleban, dramatic change came to Kabul, though certain influences linger on. If the Taleban are gone, they are by no means forgotten. In the second of three reports, VOA’s Ed Warner contrasts Kabul today with the city he visited three years ago. The Taleban were extreme, says film-maker Horess Shansab, […]


INTRO: U-S officials say they have conclusive evidence that Osama bin Laden was behind the deadly terror attacks against the United States two weeks ago. The Taleban movement, which rules Afghanistan, is sheltering Mr. Bin Laden and is defying international demands to give him up. In an exclusive interview with V-O-A, Taleban leader Mullah Mohammed […]

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