Ed Warner

Veteran Journalist

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National Endowment for Empire
July 8, 2014
Democracy Promotion Means Regime Change

The Transparent Cabal
September 18, 2010
A critique of neoconservative thought and a plea for wider discussion on foreign policy in the government and the media.

Don’t let America lose its Voice around the world
Op-Ed for The Baltimore Sun
March 23, 2006
A defense of the Voice of America in the face of verbal attacks and pending budget cuts from the administration of Pres. George W. Bush.


"Master of Narrative"

~Ted Lipien

This website contains the collected works, recent articles and continuing blog posts from veteran journalist Ed Warner who has been reporting for more than 55 years. Ed wrote for Time Magazine from 1958-1982 and wrote, edited and reported for the Voice of America from 1983-2005. He continues to freelance today and his articles have appeared in The American Conservative and on AntiWar.com and other news websites. More...

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