Time Magazine (1976-1980)


April 18
Essay: The Perils of Rising Protectionism

May 30
Book Review: American Hunger by Richard Wright

July 11
Cover Story: The Youth Crime Plague
Recognition: Letter from the Publisher

July 18
Book Review: The Totalitarian Temptation by Jean-Francois Revel

October 31
Essay: That Troublesome Panama Canal Treaty


January 23
Obituary: Death of an American Original (Hubert Humphrey)

April 17
Essay: Mythologizing the Panama Canal

June 26
Book Review: A Time for Truth by William SimonTwo Cheers for Capitalism by Irving Kristol

July 10
Cover Story: Bakke Wins, Quotas Lose

December 18
Book Review: A Dangerous Place by Daniel Patrick Moynihan


February 5
Obituary: The Champ Who Never Made It (Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller)

February 19
Book Review: History without a Hero by Curtis Cate

April 9
Book Review: The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt by Edmund Morris

April 30
Essay: Strengthening the CIA
Recognition: National Intelligence Study Center

October 15
Book Review: Zebra by Clark Howard Merek

October 29
Book Review: Breaking Ranks by Norman Podhoretz

November 12
Book Review: The Man who Kept the Secrets by Thomas Powers Knopf


February 18
Essay: The Troubling Ethics of Abscam

May 19
Book Review: Wilderness of Mirrors by David C. Martin

July 21
Cover Story: Reagan Takes Command

August 25
Essay: Drawing the Battle Lines
Essay: Marketable Baskets of Issues

September 1
Essay: Dueling over Defense

October 6
Essay: War, Peace and Politics

October 13
Cover Story: The Jackpot States

October 20
Essay: Point Man Harold Brown

October 27
Essay: The Great Defense War

November 3
Essay: Another Contrary Congress

November 17
Essay: Draft Picks for the New Team

December 8
Essay: New Resolve by the New Right

December 29
Essay: Reagan Sticks with Haig

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