Eve in Florida

How many times must we be tempted? The fathers of Palm Beach may have decided once was enough. Yet here were the silken fingers of insidious Eve once again offering the poisoned apple to guileless husband Adam.

The aluminum sculpture titled “Eve’s Apple”, created by Edwina Sandys, granddaughter of Winston Churchill, sits seductively in Palm Beach, a poignant reminder of one of the greatest mistakes of all time. Husband and wife took a forbidden bite that doomed the human race to the eternal temptation of evil. At least that’s what the Bible tells us.

eves apple sculpture

Palm Beach authorities have a more prosaic explanation as to why they think the sculpture should be moved. At 14 feet two inches, it’s taller than allowed, and it might blow over in a high wind. But we are not fooled. Humankind is bitterly aware. No more biting of fatal apples.

But if you think you are immune to this kind of thing, come take a look. In fact, the devil may have conspired to change the minds of Palm Beach officials, who now say adjustments can be made to allow the sculpture to remain, both apple and evil.

Photo credit: Meghan McCarthy/Daily News

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