Naomi Wolf was the toast of New York City – a popular feminist writer of several best sellers, a sure star of any social occasion, a trusted adviser to Democratic Presidential campaigns. As she notes in her gracefully written, tell-it-all new book, “Facing the Beast,” I was privileged to be part of the cultural scene made up of influencers on the progressive left, film premiers and art openings, book parties and galas. All of these events reassured us that we were at the center of the universe and that our world view was the right one and indeed the only one.”

Then suddenly, startlingly, she was out, glitter and all. Phone calls unanswered, shunned by friends, rejected by publishers, denounced by alleged experts, deplatformed from Twitter, Facebook, You-Tube.” It was if a hex had been cast over me and over the entire culture in which I had, till so  recently, felt so at home.”

What had she done to deserve this? Simply by being herself. She had applied her investigative skills to examining the new miraculous vaccines combating the spreading Covid disease. She had found they were not so miraculous, in fact rather dubious and incidentally causing considerable injury to many human bodies. The reaction was instantaneous outrage. Who did she think she was challenging the considered opinion of the nation’s elite? She must suffer the consequences and was pummeled with all the money and power at their disposal. Overnight she says she was thrust into a “new social and even legal category, that of second-class citizen, anti- vaxxer, dissident, weirdo, conspiracy theorist and though I remained a classic liberal, Trumper.” The idea was to keep her quiet.

It didn’t work, though this kind of assault usually does. In desperation she turned to a onetime enemy – conservatives who were happy to help and provided her the opportunity to speak and write. She was also introduced to a different world of less privileged and more practical folks. She says she hadn’t even been aware of their existence. “They come from all walks of life, and they pay little or no attention to status or class markers. Politics don’t unite these people. What unites them in my view is the excellence of their characters.”

Faced with many threats on her life because of her altered views, she acquired the services of a veteran U.S army intelligence officer who taught her, among other things, how to shoot despite her aversion to guns. Among this training they also got married, arousing suspicions of the hapless lady succumbing a dark force. But it was a homegrown marriage nurtured by chicken soup.

Along with other vaccine dissidents, Wolf got to examine  some of the 450 thousand pages of Pfizer pharmaceutical documents that the company wanted to keep secret for seventy-five years but was forced to disclose on court order. They confirmed all her fears of overrated, underperforming vaccines. She also became increasingly aware of the forces behind them:  “a class of global elite policy makers, nonprofit leaders and bureaucrats who are able to engage in cruel and oppressive policy making precisely because they are no longer part of the communities whose lives are affected by what they have done.”’

She was particularly disappointed with the prestigious college she had attended, Yale, which had forced students to vaccinate, wear stifling masks and stay apart. “The campus felt like a matrix of fears,” she recalls on a visit there. Generous sums of money from the U.S, Government and big tech sustained the fear, including a study to overcome “vaccine hesitancy.”  She concludes: “Basically, Yale is a sponge for vaccine money.”

A little research indicated yet another level of responsibility for the noxious vaccines: a contributing Chinese communist company. What better way to cripple the world’s other super power, she writes. It’s a crucial connection. That was the aim of global communism, which was averted with much struggle just as today’s global threat – the “Beast” – must be countered. You can expect Naomi Wolf to be in the lead.

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