Hit Man

One of the most prestigious and high paying jobs in Mexico is the hit man, he who assassinates people on the order of the drug cartels. One of this illustrious group told how he went about his work to the late Charles Bowden, author of many books on Mexican drug violence, and Molly Molloy, a research librarian at Mexico State University, in their book “El Sicario” (Hit Man). Continue reading “Hit Man”

Trump’s Wall

Not content with some 500 miles of fencing along the US-Mexican border, President-elect Donald Trump wants to erect a wall over its 2,000 mile length. Preposterous, say critics. It would further divide two nations, two peoples. It would damage wildlife and environment. And would it work, after all, since nothing else has?  Continue reading “Trump’s Wall”

Biggest Threat to America

Geography favors America and has made it safe. There’s the protection of two oceans east and west, a benign neighbor to the north, Canada, and until recently, a compliant one to the south, Mexico. No longer. Crime has overtaken geography. Hard drugs are pouring across the Mexican border, accompanied by violence and billions of dollars in corruption. The murder rate has spiked in both the US and Mexico and is largely attributed to the battle over the heroin trade, the drug that has reached epidemic proportions in many parts of the US. Continue reading “Biggest Threat to America”

Surviving the Border

Even by Arizona standards, Arivaca, a town of 700 near the Mexican border, is something special. The people there just don’t like government, says a retired police sergeant who didn’t have duty in Arivaca, which is ok by him. Beyond native suspicions, there is heavy drug involvement on a major route from Mexico. A network spreads the word when police are approaching. and given the hostility, a call from Arivaca brings two deputies to the scene instead of the usual one. As they enter where they are not wanted, their car is sometimes pelted by rocks. Continue reading “Surviving the Border”

Hero of a Forgotten War

The United States is now engaged in more wars than ever before in its history, explaining perhaps the lack of concentration on the most significant enemy ISIS. Hard to keep them all straight. Then there’s the mostly unreported war south of the US border between the drug cartels and the Mexican people. So it’s no surprise that a past war – Vietnam – is largely forgotten, especially since it didn’t turn out so well. Continue reading “Hero of a Forgotten War”

Acapulco Off Limits

When it was time to relax, Hollywood stars like Cary Grant, Elizabeth Taylor and Errol Flynn, among others, headed straight for their version of paradise – sunny, fun-filled Acapulco on Mexico’s Pacific coast, where the good times kept coming. In a splendid setting at the famed Flamingo hotel on the cliffs above town, they sipped their favorite loco coco cocktail, savored the view, and the only danger they faced was getting a little tipsy too close to the edge. Continue reading “Acapulco Off Limits”