The Bidens Do Mexico

Somehow in his frequent travels around the world Hunter Biden misplaced a laptop at a computer shop in Delaware. Once it was discovered and turned over to the FBI, its contents were made available and are now being reported. Among the various business ventures disclosed was one in Mexico involving that country’s richest man, billionaire Carlos Slim. A photo shows then Vice President Joe Biden and son Hunter smiling alongside Carlos Slim at a State Dept. luncheon in Washington D.C. in 2015.

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There’s nothing new about top U.S. officials getting photographed with controversial characters. The world is full of them. But doing serious business with them is another matter, especially when Mexico is now inundating the U.S with illegal and dangerous drugs and in the process wrecking its own country. There’s no clear evidence linking Carlos Slim to the drug dealing cartels that basically run Mexico, but it’s not really possible to be a billionaire in Mexico and still be alive without making an accommodation of some kind with them.

In turn the Biden’s have made their accommodation. They are hardly alone. In 2009 Slim made a $250 million loan to the ailing New York Times and is now the company’s second largest share holder. The Times reports very little about the doings of the drug cartels and the dismal situation in Mexico. The same is true of the rest of the mainstream media, which may explain why the Biden’s went so casually into business with Slim. They weren’t aware of his background.

The question arises as to why this enormous drug traffic escapes genuine scrutiny.

One reason may be fear. The murderous cartels have a long reach and in fact these days may be right next door. They are sophisticated, increasingly global managers who may associate with their peers in legitimate pursuits. Just don’t get in their way.

Then there’s indifference. Sensitively attuned to any violation of civil rights within their borders – don’t dare call a Mexican a bad name – Americans seem mindless of the slaughter of Mexicans in Mexico. Not our problem. What’s their problem?

And last but not least there’s money, many billions of dollars available in the U.S. that has not been laundered back to Mexico. It amounts to a vast redistribution of wealth from the less affluent buyers of drugs to the more affluent who profit from them. If the mainstream media were serious, it could examine how this works and what it does to the U.S..

Given the current rush to the border, cracks are appearing in media coverage. Apparently, it’s no longer taboo to mention the cartels whose control of drugs and migrants is so very obvious. But there’s a long way to go to make plain their impact on American life.

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