The Trump Show

Donald Trump says bad Mexicans are crossing the border, but he fails to mention the really bad ones who are staying behind and are indeed responsible for many, maybe most of those who are crossing; namely, the drug cartels, unmentionables in our media where Trump no doubt gets his misinformation.

For reasons best known to those who are suppressing the story, our major newspapers and TV continue to pursue his every word without a word of their own about the role of the cartels in causing the controversial immigration. They have been more violent than usual south of the border, killing many and driving others for fear of their lives northward to the US. Many others are recruited by the cartels to carry their drugs across the porous, largely desert border. They cannot say “no” if they want to live. Better to face more benevolent US law enforcement than their lawless masters.

Both those like Trump who oppose the immigrants and those who defend them seem to think these Mexicans are free agents, either looking for a handout or in search of a job and a better life. Whatever the case, they are largely in the control of or reacting to the cartels. Rather than say this, both media and Trump blame the Mexican government, which is barely able to contain the cartels and to a considerable degree is infiltrated by them.

The cartels are of course financed by avid American drug consumers. Without them, the cartels would be out of business. So it can be said that Americans are also financing the immigration so many of them deplore. Let’s look homeward first.

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