Truckers Face the Great Reset

On Prime Minister Trudeau’s orders the police have moved against the striking truckers in Ottawa. Using batons and pepper spray, some on horseback, occasionally smashing truck windows, they have arrested over 130 protestors and hauled away some 50 trucks. Throughout the truckers have remained peaceful and determined to stay despite police state tactics.

It’s this harsh over reaction that has gained sympathy for the truckers not only in Canada but also in the U.S., where a similar convoy is set to start from California in late February and head to Washington. Its members declare solidarity with their Canadian brethren. So far convoys are under way in France, Australia and New Zealand. They have apparently tapped a wellspring of resentment to state oppression that’s moving swiftly across borders. It wasn’t expected but the truckers are leading the way to freedom from the excessive control brought on by the Covid epidemic or rather the over wrought response to it.

All this could easily have been avoided by a simple compromise over the Covid restrictions on the truckers. But Trudeau didn’t budge. He wouldn’t even talk to the truckers but continued to denounce them as if they were somehow beneath him. Asserting emergency powers, he resorted to such extreme actions as seizing their fuel and bank accounts, confiscating donations to them, even threatening to take their pets and crypto currency, if they have any.

Protesters show signs of support for the truckers on Feb. 7 in Ottawa, Canada during the ongoing Canada Freedom Convoy protests. (Photo: Amru Salahuddien/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

Why is this leader of a liberal Western democracy treating his fellow citizens this way? A slim rather debonair fellow, he doesn’t look like Mussolini while imitating some of his behavior. The Wall Street Journal editorializes that he justifies his tactics by “inflating the protest into a terrorist plot to overthrow government. These extraordinary measures are a needless abuse of power.”

Trudeau is under the influence of what’s called the Great Reset, a creed of self-proclaimed elitists, including wealthy notables like Bill Gates and George Soros, who seem to have a hankering to try to govern the world. This can’t be left to such insignificant nobodies as the people who continue to pollute, over consume, fail to cooperate with their betters and stay in thrall to such outmoded concepts as the nation state. A striking example of this deficiency is demonstrated by the truckers who are getting what they deserve. Happily, they may disappear in the Great Reset along with other offending members of the lower and middle classes.

One offending member has already been disappeared. Pastor Artur Pawlowski has been a frequent critic of the Covid lockdown which he compares to his experience under communist rule in Poland. Does Covid come before God? he asks. For that he has been repeatedly arrested and now sits in solitary confinement in a squalid prison cell in Calgary, charged with “mischief.”

The Great Reset at work and don’t mention Stalin’s Gulag. Truckers, keep trucking.

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